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17 octobre 2011

  • Rob, Kris et Taylor immortalisés par leurs empreintes à Hollywood
  • Robert-Pattinson-s-Hand-Prints-at-NYC-Times-Square-Planet-Hollywood-twilight-series-8166170-350-467

    Robert Pattinson, Kristen Stewart et Taylor Lautner seront immortalisés à Hollywood!

    Ils auront leurs empreintes de pied et de main au Grauman's Chinese Theater lors d'une cérémonie le 3 novembre à partir de 11h.


    La cérémonie sera retransmise en live sur la page Facebook du Chinese Theater http://www.facebook.com/ChineseTheatres

    Communiqué de presse officiel :

    (Hollywood, Calif., Oct. 17, 2011)---The most famous place in Hollywood, The Chinese Theatre (www.chinesetheatres.com), is set to honor the acting trio of “The Twilight Saga,” Kristen Stewart, Robert Pattinson and Taylor Lautner. The three will again appear together in the fourth installment of the blockbuster franchise “The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn - Part 1," due in theatres Nov. 18.

    The handprints-footprints ceremony honoring all three actors will take place Thurs., Nov. 3, at 10AM.

    To date the “Twilight Saga” franchise’s first three films have grossed over a combined $1.8 billion at the worldwide box office.

    The Chinese Theatre handprints and footprints ceremony is rich in tradition and provides the over four million people a year who visit the site an opportunity to experience the lore of Hollywood up close, for here lay the handprints and footprints of Hollywood’s most notable talents. Comedian Bob Hope even left an imprint of his legendary ski jump-shaped nose!

    Unlike any other award in Hollywood, be it an Oscar® or a sidewalk ceremony, The Chinese Theatre handprints-footprints tribute is the most selective of all, since over the course of nine decades, only 250-plus such honors have been presented.

    Movie exhibitor Sid Grauman, who was one of Hollywood’s best known and most creative showmen, opened The Chinese in 1927 and launched the handprints-footprints ceremony a year later, as a promotion to advertise his many premieres and first run films.

    Among the first handprints and footprints were those of Mary Pickford and Douglas Fairbanks. Within a few years, the famous forecourt of handprints and footprints on Hollywood Boulevard was flourishing and has since become an international tourist destination. Recent celebrants have included Brad Pitt, George Clooney, Johnny Depp and Jennifer Aniston.

    Today, The Chinese Theatre forecourt is among the world’s most photographed tourist sites, annually attracting as many visitors as the Taj Mahal in India and the Prado Museum in Madrid. Along with Disneyland and Universal Studios, The Chinese Theatre is among Los Angeles’ top five tourist attractions, according to About.com.

    In any given year, The Chinese Theatre hosts over 40 red carpet film premieres and since it opened, it has hosted three Academy Award® ceremonies and numerous world premieres, including those for internationally-acclaimed film franchises, such as “Star Wars” and “Harry Potter.”

    More movie popcorn has been consumed here by more famous faces than anywhere else on earth and in 2012 The Chinese Theatre celebrates its 85thanniversary with many new innovations planned.

    C'est vraiment une belle consécration!

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    • Certes mais Taylor il me semble n'a pas fait encore assez de films pour ce genre de consécration

      De la part de Sylvia, 17 octobre 2011 à 18:04 | | Répondre
    • C'est la saga qui est célébrée, donc je toruve normal que les 3 y soient.

      De la part de Francesca, 17 octobre 2011 à 18:39 | | Répondre
    • Pour une fois qu'ils sont récompensés et pas critiqués, c'est une très bonne chose et quand on voit le succès de la saga et le nombre de fans c'est mérité et puis sans les 3 acteurs , pas de film, alors bien sur que Tay à sa place.
      Ca sera un truc à aller voir quand on sera plus vieux ça nous rappellera de bons souvenirs^^

      De la part de Cel-yn, 18 octobre 2011 à 09:13 | | Répondre
    • J'aime pas LA mais juste pour voir leurs empreintes et mettre mes mains dans celles de Rob, j'y retournerai hihihi

      De la part de Francesca, 18 octobre 2011 à 09:53 | | Répondre
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