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02 novembre 2011

  • Présentation du cast de Hunger Games
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    Hometown: Melbourne, Australia.
    His role: Gale Hawthorne, citizen of District 12—strikingly handsome Gale is Katniss’s best friend and hunting partner, who also happens to be in love with her. Like Katniss, Gale supports his large and fatherless family, which he began doing at age 11.
    On landing the part: “I’d heard about how popular the books were, but I wasn’t quite aware of how dark and gritty the story was. It started me thinking and asking questions like, Could something like this actually happen to us one day? When you think about the fast-growing popularity of reality TV today, and the crazy premise of many of the reality-TV shows that are currently on the air, is it really that far off for us to consider something like this being possible? I think it’s a mind-blowing thing to think about.”


    Hometown: Louisville, Kentucky.
    Her role: Katniss Everdeen, District 12 tribute—the protagonist and narrator, Katniss took her sister Prim’s place in the Hunger Games, and is known for her fiery temper and strong archery skills. After her father passed away in a mine explosion, Katniss became the provider and nurturer for her family. She’s also caught in a love triangle between Peeta (Josh Hutcherson) and Gale (Liam Hemsworth).
    On landing the part:“I auditioned, which was a long process and a lot of improv. And then waited a month or something, where I was convinced I didn’t have it—then I got the phone call while I was in London. I was then terrified. I knew it was going to be huge, and that’s scary. I called my mom. She said, ‘This is a script that you love, and you’re thinking about not doing it because of the size of it?’ And I [didn’t] want to not do something because I’m scared, so I said yes. And I’m so happy that I did.”


    Hometown: Union, Kentucky.
    His role: Peeta Mellark, District 12 tribute—born a baker’s son, Peeta is known for his bold personality, creative flair, and sweet nature. He is in love with Katniss and goes to extremes to ensure her survival.
    On landing the part: “I got to meet [Hunger Games author] Suzanne Collins at the first meeting, which was very exciting and nerve-wracking at the same time. But I had a great read-through, and then came back to do a test screening a few weeks later. I also hit it off with Jen—the chemistry between the two of us really worked. A couple of weeks went by where I couldn’t say a single word about it … then I got the call. It still didn’t even hit me, until I walked on set for the first day.”


    Hometown: Los Angeles, California.
    Her role: Rue, District 11 tribute—an ally to Katniss, Rue has a small frame that belies her defensive significance. Her speed and agility give her an advantage over others, and her main tactic is to remain high in the trees.
    On landing the part: “I showed up to my audition with Gary wearing a muddy T-shirt and khakis. In my hair were twigs and leaves, as if I had been living in the woods for weeks. … [Gary] joked that I came with my own hair-and-wardrobe team.”


    Hometown: Vancouver, British Columbia.
    His role: Cato, District 2 tribute—Cato is the fearsome opponent of Peeta and Katniss, and the most threatening male tribute of the game. He is the last to die.
    On landing the part: “I was traveling that summer with my buddies, right after I graduated high school, so I made it my goal to get into great physical shape for the part. After that summer, I was asked to come read with Gary at his house. I read for him twice, and then they called and offered me the part.”


    Hometown: Houston, Texas.
    Her role: Glimmer, District 1 tribute—characterized by her eagerness to fight, Glimmer is one of the older tributes and exudes sex appeal. She’s eventually offed by a nest of Tracker Jackers.
    On landing the part: “To get into character, I went to a park and threw myself in mud, I practiced archery, and carried a knife into the audition—I think Gary appreciated my dedication. It was one of the best audition experiences I have ever had.”


    Hometown: Lagos, Nigeria.
    His role: Thresh, District 11 tribute stands out for his colossal strength and is key to Katniss’s survival in the arena.
    On landing the part: “It was pretty incredible how it happened, to be honest. I had just been introduced to my current managers, who decided to give me a shot, and believe it or not, my first audition with them was The Hunger Games. I worked very hard, prepared, and did the best I could in my audition. … The day I was supposed to go in for my final test with Gary Ross, I got a call that my test had been canceled. Momentarily devastated, my managers went on to tell me that the reason it was canceled was because I had gotten the part!”


    Hometown: Los Angeles, California.
    Her role: Foxface, District 5 tribute—extremely clever, Foxface is known as a master tactician and strategist. While she makes no kills in the game, it’s believed to be a part of her overall plan—one that leads her to be the second-to-last tribute to die.
    On landing the part: “I slept about four hours the night before the audition. Several weeks later—I’d so far heard nothing—I got a call out of the blue and I was to begin training for the movie! I was a fan asked to play a part in a movie I had only dreamed about, and the novelty of that has still not worn off.”


    Hometown: Los Angeles, California.
    His role: Marvel, District 1 tribute—known for his powerful approach and ruthless nature, Marvel specializes in spear throwing. As a career tribute, he’s trained his entire life to compete in these games.
    On landing the part: “I was home for spring break, and I went in to read for the movie. It was the first time I’ve ever been asked to choose a weapon at an audition. I was given a choice between a Nerf crossbow, a plastic butcher knife, and a stick. I chose the knife.”


    Hometown: Atlanta, Georgia.
    Her role: Clove, District 2 tribute—Clove enjoys killing and is known for her skill with weaponry, particularly knives. She is responsible for the first death of the games, achieved by throwing a knife into the back of the male District 9 tribute. Katniss (Jennifer Lawrence), above others, is on Clove’s hit list.
    On landing the part: “I loved the Hunger Games series since I first read the books over a year ago. When it was announced that Gary Ross [would] direct, I wrote him a letter telling him how much I wanted to do the movie. Originally, I went in for the role of Katniss, but I was told that I was too young. So I thought it was over. A few weeks later, my manager called and said they wanted me to come in and read for the role of Clove. … I never expected to get the role, so you can imagine my shock when I got the call that I got it!”


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