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Le monde de Francesca
16 décembre 2010

Trailer et extraits en anglais de Bloody Valentine

Je pense que Bloody Valentine a des spoilers sur Le secret de l'ange...

Melissa de la Cruz a envoyé à ses abonnés de la newsletter un extrait de la dernière histoire du livre, concernant Jack et Theodora (qui s'appelle Schuyler aux Etats Unis)

Ring of Fire

Florence, December

Something Blue

Schuyler Van Alen never thought of herself as the bridal type, so she was bemused to find herself the center of attention at the elegant dress shop she visited that morning. If at first she had felt intimidated and out of place in the hushed store with its marble floors and muted lighting, the friendly saleswomen soon put her at ease. They were more than eager to help once she told them what she was looking for. Everyone loved a wedding, and Florence was one of the most romantic places in the world to have one. 

They had only been in the city a few days but Schuyler already knew her way around, using the towering marble basilica of the Duomo and the arches of the Ponte Vecchio as guideposts to figure out where she was in the city. She felt as if she had stepped onto a movie set. Florence was not just beautiful, but cinematic, with sweeping vistas thrumming with grandeur, and since it was November, the twisting streets were cold and relatively empty of art-loving tourists, which lent it a slightly melancholy air. 

All week, Jack had been mysterious and tight-lipped, and he had hurried away that

morning without telling her where he was going. Schuyler let him keep his secrets; she had her own surprise to plan. Even if theirs would be a simple ceremony, a world away from the grand occasion at the Cathedral of Saint John the Divine in New York City that Mimi’s bonding planner had orchestrated, Schuyler still felt the intense and incredibly feminine need to make it special. She could not get bonded without a proper bonding dress. 

Et vous pouvez lire le premier chapitre de la première histoire du livre, concernant Oliver (en anglais ) ICI

Ohlala, Théo et Jack ;-)) ! Et les circonstances youhouh ! trop chouette, hate de la lire !<br /> bisous
Le monde de Francesca
Le monde de Francesca
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