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26 août 2016

Concours Come back to me de Mila Gray : les résultats

Merci à tous pour vos participations! Les gagnantes sont :- Elina R du 62- Kelly G du 08- Sarah G du 49 Félicitations, je vous envoie un mail! Tu me manques. Tu te souviens des nuits où tu me montrais l’étoile polaire ? Je la regarde tous les soirs. J’espère que tu t’en serviras, un jour, pour retrouver ton chemin. Tu t’es perdu depuis si longtemps. Je t’attendrai le temps qu’il faudra.  Alors qu’il est en permission en Californie, Kit Ryan, marine et séducteur à ses heures perdues, ne pense qu’à une chose : Jessa, la soeur... [Lire la suite]
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08 septembre 2013

The Sound, Sarah Alderson

Présentation de l’éditeur When aspiring music journalist Ren Kingston takes a job nannying for a wealthy family on the exclusive island of Nantucket, playground for Boston’s elite, she’s hoping for a low-key summer reading books and blogging about bands. Boys are firmly off the agenda. What she doesn’t count on is falling in with a bunch of party-loving private school kids who are hiding some dark secrets, falling (possibly) in love with the local bad boy, and falling out with a dangerous serial killer… Mon avis Ce stand alone... [Lire la suite]
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05 août 2012

Losing Lila, Sarah Alderson

Présentation de l’éditeur Alex and Lila are on the run, desperately trying to stay one step ahead of the Unit, which is somehow tracking their every move. While Alex is determined to keep Lila safe and her ability secret at any cost, Lila's only thought is of finding a way back to California so she can rescue her brother and mother from the military base where they're being held. Struggling to control both her growing power and her deepening feelings for Alex, Lila decides the time has finally come to stop running and start... [Lire la suite]
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03 février 2012

Fated, Sarah Alderson

Présentation de l’éditeur What happens when you discover you aren’t who you thought you were? And that the person you love is the person who will betray you? If your fate is already determined, can you fight it? When Evie Tremain discovers that she’s the last in a long line of Demon slayers and that she’s being hunted by an elite band of assassins – Shapeshifters, Vampires and Mixen demons amongst them – she knows she can’t run. They’ll find her wherever she goes. Instead she must learn to stand and fight. But when the... [Lire la suite]
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16 août 2011

Hunting Lila, Sarah Alderson

Présentation de l'éditeur 17-year-old Lila has two secrets she's prepared to take to the grave. The first is that she can move things just by looking at them. The second is that she's been in love with her brother's best friend, Alex, since forever. After a mugging exposes her unique ability, Lila decides to run to the only people she can trust - her brother and Alex. They live in Southern California where they work for a secret organisation called The Unit, and Lila discovers that the two of them are hunting down the men who... [Lire la suite]
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